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Rust is one of the most comprehensive survival games of recent years. In addition to the extensive content in the game, kignews it is easy to play Rust for hundreds of hours when there is a multiplayer-oriented gameplay. It is a fact that the most spent items in the game are weapons. The mechanics of weapons hadn’t changed much since Rust came out. According to the producer studio, a massive update is coming, covering weapons. gazetacodzienna branchright


Rust will bring a major update to weapon mechanics
According to Facepunch’s statement, the update will be the biggest improvement for weapons since sjekk ut finanza the game’s release. Although the screenshots have not been shared yet, the future innovations are roughly clear. removescape

The first innovation we should mention is the change in the scatter pattern of the bullets. There have been some complaints about this for years, and it seems that with this change, we will start playing with guns again. joker99slot

You may have heard of the scattering pattern before as the ‘recoil pattern’. In weapons with a changed recoil pattern, superportal24 the bullets will go differently than before, which can greatly affect combat. We will soon see how different the use of weapons is compared to the past. twentythreereviews

But one thing we do know is that those who train for hours on weapons will win the battle. lubartowiak

Another important innovation will be the crosshair, that is, the change of the sight. Although there is no big change in the reticle, now when you damage the enemy, dow-jones
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the icons that make you feel this will appear on the screen. It will probably be possible tylkotorun to turn this off in settings, though it might be best to give it a shot. However, it is said that when you damage an enemy, spilled blood will look better.

Technology companies have been designing the charging connections of the devices they have baliplumbing produced for a long time, specially for themselves. At the beginning of these are iPhones with a Lightning port. However, this situation may end soon. The USB-C port is on its way to becoming a standard nowadays. bestfireworksstores


EU to vote standard USB-C port next week boondockinglifestyle
The European Union (EU) has been in the effort for a long time to bring the standard USB-C port. According to chmlaw this study, companies producing technological products will now have to produce a common charging port for smartphones, tablets and headphones. selos-temporais

According to a Reuters report, EU lawmakers and delegates will vote for the standard USB-C port on June 7. The EU has met before on the subject. It looks like stuurmanstylediary he will make the final decision after this meeting. It is said that a decision will be made to establish a common connection point without voting with the lobbyists. indigodisplays

On the other hand, important sources sharing information about smartphones state that ตาสองชั้น Apple has accepted the situation. It is claimed that all or some models of the iPhone 15 series will include a Standard USB-C port. However, no further details are available yet. vfxindia ourbigescape

Technological waste is one of the most important factors in the European Union’s decision to impose sanctions. Today, technological tools are subject to frequent changes. As such, unfairdismissalsaustralia unusable chargers and headphones are, in a way, garbage. If the issue passes the vote, the EU will share its legislative decision with technology companies as soon as possible. indiafuns

Disney is one of those companies trying to enter the world of the metaverse. The entertainment company, which has been working for the metaverse since last year, hired an executive who worked at Apple for 12 years. The former manager had appeared on the Apple Arcade team for many years. Morpho RD Service

Disney teams up with former Apple executive for metaverse
The latest blog post shared by Disney proves the company’s dreams for the metaverse. Disney announced that it has hired namasteui a former Apple executive to lead its creativity in the metaverse. Mark Bozon has joined Disney’s aichi-recruit metaverse team after 12 years of Apple experience. According to Disney’s announcement, Mark Bozon will lead the creative vision for the Disney metaverse. Boson is expected to play a role in connecting the physical and virtual worlds. He also served as Apple Arcade creative game director while working at the technology giant. goznews drpeasy

Google introduced Android 13 last week. Smartphone manufacturers have also started to work on integrating the new version into their own software. So which Samsung models will the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update come? Here are the details…

Models that will receive Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update
Samsung promised that it will release Android and One UI updates for at least 3 years, and security updates for 5 years, even if it is not in the flagship segment, for its newly released devices in the previous periods. The company, which has recently revised this decision, announced that it will provide at least

4 years of Android and One UI and 5 years of security updates to some upper segment models in order to be a direct competitor to Apple in software support. huawei laptops

Known for its proximity to Samsung, SamMobile shared Samsung models that will receive the One UI 5.0 update, which is expected to be introduced soon.

However, it should be noted that the list is not official and has been prepared according to the company’s update policy. Xiaomi is one of the most active companies in updating. Due to the wide variety of products, it passes a new model to new versions day by day. Finally, another model has received the MIUI 13 update.

Redmi Note 10S got MIUI 13 update
Xiaomi continues its update work. The company, which sent the MIUI 13 version to most of its compatible models, has released the new version for the Redmi Note 10S running the EEA ROM in the past weeks. The update has build number V13.0.1.0.SKLIDXM and is 2.9 GB in size.

Finally, Xiaomi is preparing to release the same update for the Redmi Note 10S models in Turkey, Russia and Taiwan in the coming days. In fact, the build numbers will be V13.0.1.0.SKLTRXM, V13.0.1.0.SKLRUXM and V13.0.1.0.SKLTWXM respectively. It is stated that the company is testing the new version for these regions and will soon release it for Mi Pilot users. If there are no problems here, it will be open to public use shortly.

Ericsson filed a lawsuit alleging patent infringement on Apple’s 5G-supported products. The Colombian government has banned the sale and import of 5G-enabled Apple iPhone and iPad models.

Colombia bans sale of Apple iPhone and iPad with 5G support
In a statement made in April, it was announced that the hardware used by Apple in 5G technologies violated the NC2019/0003681 patent received by Ericsson. Juzgado 042 Civil del Circuito de Bogota court has banned the sale of 5G supported Apple products due to the patent valid until 2037.

“Apple is prohibited from importing, selling, advertising or otherwise commercializing any patent infringing product, namely a 5G-equipped iPhone or iPad. Apple also has to communicate with retailers, social media platforms, the mass media and other companies about this to ensure compliance.” statements are included.

Apple is trying to move the litigation process in Colombia to the USA with its compensation application in the eastern region of Texas. The company was similarly under suspicion by the US International Trade Commission.

Analysts predict that other countries will ban the sale of Apple products with a similar decision. Apple has yet to respond to questions about the patent lawsuit and sales ban.